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Conference Topics

T1 – Energy Storage Materials

T1-1. Sensible heat storage
T1-2. Phase change materials
T1-3. Thermochemical Materials
T1-4. Electrochemical
T1-5. H2, methane, CO2

T2 – Energy Storage Applications

T2-1. Underground thermal energy storage (aquifer, borehole, pit, cavern)
T2-2. Sensible heat storage applications
T2-3. Phase change materials applications
T2-4. Thermochemical applications
T2-5. Electrical storage applications
T2-6. Hybrid (Combinations of technologies, power to heat, power to X, others)
T2-7. Underground gas storages
T2-8. Others

T3 – Energy Storage Cross-Cutting Aspects

T3-1. Integration and control
T3-2. Database
T3-3. Economics
T3-4. Standards & regulations
T3-5. Social aspects
T3-6. Underground spatial planning
T3-7. Training & Education
T3-8. Others

T4 – Climate Change & Energy Storage

T4-1. Impact of 1.5 degrees scenario
T4-2. Country updates
T4-3. Potential of energy storage
T4-4. Policy aspects