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wann treffen online date 25 April Wednesday SHUTTLE 1

07.15  Seyhan Hotel

07.25 İbis Hotel

07.30 Divan Hotel

07.50 Masel Hotel

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07.15 Hilton Hotel

07.25 Sheraton Hotel

07.45 Evliya Çelebi Uygulama Hotel

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17.45 Back to hotels from Mithat Özsan Hall (Shuttle I- Shuttle II)


rencontre motard 26 April Thursday

source SHUTTLE I

07.30  Seyhan Hotel

07.40 İbis Hotel

07.45 Divan Hotel

08.10 Masel Hotel


07.45 Hilton Hotel

07.55 Sheraton Hotel

08.10 Evliya Çelebi Uygulama Hotel

17.45 Walk to BOat houze through Botanic garden


Shuttles back to hotels from boat house at the end of dinner (Shuttle I- Shuttle II)


27 April Friday


07.30  Seyhan Hotel

07.40 İbis Hotel

07.45 Divan Hotel

08.10 Masel Hotel


07.45 Hilton Hotel

07.55 Sheraton Hotel

08.10 Evliya Çelebi Uygulama Hotel


16.30  Back to hotels from Mithat Özsan Hall (Shuttle I- Shuttle II)


SHUTTLE TO THE GALA DINNER 27 April 2018 Park Zirve


18.00  Seyhan Hotel

18.10 İbis Hotel

18.15 Divan Hotel

18.40 Masel Hotel


18.00 Hilton Hotel

18.10 Sheraton Hotel

18.30 Evliya Çelebi Uygulama Hotel


24.00 Back to hotels from Park Zirve

Conference Tour to Karaisali Varda Bridge and Kapikaya Canyon

Apr 16, 2018

The 14th International Conference on Energy Storage
Conference Tour to Karaisalı
Varda Bridge and Kapıkaya Canyon

28 April 2018

Karaisalı is a town about 40 km to the north of Adana near Taurus Mountains (see the map below). There is a preserved national park located in the town that includes Kapıkaya Canyon and Varda railroad Bridge. The area is a favorite location of nature lovers. Çukurova University has also a vocational school in Karaisalı. Conference tour to Karaisalı is organized by Adana Municipality and is free of charge.

Tour it is limited to 100 participants and we need to receive your registrations by follow site 9 April 2018. Click here for registration form below and send it to

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9.00- Departure from Adana
10:30 Arrival in Karaisalı
10:30 Walking tour to
Varda Bridge, Kapıkaya Canyon and Yer Köprü
13:00 Arrival in Adana
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Adana city tour
16:30 End of tour

Pictures from tour site:

site de rencontre equin Varda Bridge

stockpair bonus Yer Köprü Kapıkaya Canyon

Keynote Speaker Presentations are Available Now

Jul 15, 2018

You can download all presentations from here


Jun 23, 2016

We – people of the earth – can no longer postpone realizing that we occupy a very small planet. Human population is growing geometrically; we are extracting more each day from our tiny vessel within a vast solar system. We must urgently address the obvious fact that our growing thirst for energy already poses a huge threat to future generations. We do not own this planet, just like we cannot own its air, water, or sunshine. We wrongly believe we are the masters of the earth. The industrial revolution has made it possible for us to move mountains and/or make deserts out of lakes and living biosystems. If we continue living as we did in the 20th century, our children are bound to inherit polluted and overexploited lands.

Sustainable energy politics, maintaining continuity and security of energy resources has become an urgent matter for all countries. We are all in the same boat. Concerns over an imminent climate change have increased. It is difficult to ignore the consequences of global warming: storms, “heat waves,” “black-outs” seen at more frequent rates. Are we not amply warned yet?

Current energy systems still rely heavily on fossil fuel resources! We burn more coal and oil every passing day. We must prepare for “our sustainable future” with much less fossil fuels. Energy storage is the crux of any solution in the secure path to sustainability. EnerSTOCK2018 will be offering extensive topics on energy storage to give answers on why, which, how, when and where energy storage can be implemented.

This was our motivation when we chose the motto for EnerSTOCK2018 : “The Earth Cannot Wait!”.

We cannot allow our boat to founder…

We – with help from all nations’ of the world – shall start a new energy revolution!

We cannot delay using more energy storage technologies.

Join us at EnerSTOCK 2018 in increasing awareness on energy storage and climate change!