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follow Dr. Andersson is basically geologist/hydrogeologist that has devoted his professional life to develop and put shallow geothermal systems into the energy market.  As a consultant he has designed a large number of UTES (Underground Thermal Energy Storage) plants in Sweden. As a part time professor  at Lund University of Technology (LTH) the years 1996-2006 he worked with technical development of UTES systems as well as environmental and legal aspects and marketing issues. In his scientific work he has participated in several IEA-ECES projects (Annex 5-8, 12-14, and 17 and currently Annex 27). He has also been involved in a number of EU-projects, of which GEOTRAINET was the latest one. Currently Dr. Andersson is working as senior consultant in his own company Geostrata HB.

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