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Teun Bokhoven

Teun Bokhoven

Teun Bokhoven is the IEA TCP-ECES chair since 2016. Furthermore, he is president of the Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE), where over 1000 renewable energy companies work jointly work to facilitate the energy transition. He represents the renewable energy sector in the Dutch Energy Agreement, which objective is to increase the Dutch renewable energy production by a factor 4 in 10 years.

Since 2012 Teun Bokhoven also chairs the organization: TKI Urban Energy which major role is to facilitate innovation and RDD activities from consortia of industry and technological institutions within the domain of urban energy (renewables, energy savings, smart grids and integral solutions). TKI Urban Energy deals with over 250 innovation projects with a total R&D budget of approximately 200€mln.

Teun Bokhoven has a background as entrepreneur (construction and renewable energy companies) and has worked as business development executive in a number of international companies related to renewable energy.