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Welcome Message from IEA TCP ECES Chair

“The Earth Cannot Wait”

 Our global energy system is changing rapidly driven by Climate Change and new policies and actions coming from the Paris agreement.
This, in combination with a growing energy demand by industries and consumers worldwide, is the setting for our current energy
challenges. An energy transition is taking shape, where fossil fuel is rapidly replaced by renewable sources of energy like wind, solar, bio,geothermal etc. In that transition the need to match the variable (renewable) production to different load profiles in energy consumption is now becoming a crucial parameter. It is not only a matter to produce enough renewable energy; it is also a matter to have enough renewable energy available at the right time of consumption. Energy storage is therefore crucial for a successful energy transition.

EnerSTOCK 2018 conference, which is organized in cooperation with International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Program on Energy Conservation Through Energy Storage (IEA-TCP ECES), is the triennial conference presenting and discussing the state of the art in research and deployment on energy storage.

ECES, the IEA TCP is the international network to coordinate and prioritize the research and development activities in approximately 20 countries within the IEA technology framework. This EnerSTOCK 2018 conference is organized and programmed by an excellent team of experts providing the best overview on the research and developments in energy storage.

The opening keynote by Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA, and other high quality speakers will bring you up to date and offer you the most recent insight in the technological developments and the roll of energy storage in our changing energy system. The host of this conference, Çukurova University in Adana (Turkey), offers the conference an inspiring setting and program.

I am sure this EnerSTOCK 2018 conference will inspire and energize you once again and will recharge your batteries to be able to contribute to the challenges ahead.

I look forward to welcome and meet you in April 2018 at Adana.

Teun P. Bokhoven

Chairman Executive Committee of  IEA-TCP  ECES